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Credit Unions face increasing challenges from regulators, pressure from members, strong competitors, and with more than 50% of CEO’s expected to retire in the next 5 years, talent attraction and retention. The number of credit unions in the U.S. has consolidated from over 15,000 just 10 years ago to less than 7,500 today while membership and total deposits have increased increasing executives’ role in driving success. Increasing regulatory oversight and requirements drive increasingly complex executive responsibilities. Efficient operations depend on the board, executive leadership, and staff working in concert to deliver vital financial products. Your financial model must be prudent to ensure service to your community through generations. All this adds up to scarcity in the market for executive talent.

Meeting the Challenge

Custom | Innovative | Focused

Modern credit unions align compensation, retention, and retirement with mission and financial stewardship to create meaningful and appropriate supplemental benefits. By beginning with your core values Stearns Financial learns, analyses, educates, presents, implements, and supports solutions tailored to your credit union and executives.

The challenge of developing custom leadership retention and transition in a succession plan is met with incentives at critical career timeline points. Innovative designs are required to align with growth and mission.

Serving your community for generations requires innovative capital growth focused on mission and intent. Our focus on your retention, reward, and yield allows you to focus on what is important to your members.

Our Value

Each plan is individually driven by your organization’s mission, vision, goals, and intent and therefore unique to each employer and plan participant. Our plans are different because we view process as the driving force to achieve an effective design without limiting to one particular plan design, product, or type of plan. We are the foremost experts in SERP design, compliance, implementation, and administration with over 25 years leading executive benefits for the credit union movement. Put our expertise to work driving yield, supplementing retirement, and optimizing retention and succession.

  • Executive benefits consistent with organizational values on 990 forms & call reports
  • Leader and originator in compliance and due diligence for over 25 years
  • Maximum efficiency through investment minimization and tax optimization
  • Turn expenses into assets and drive increased investment yield
  • Optimize yield income, capital, cash flow, and mind-share so you can focus on mission, members, and the community you serve.

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