Consulting Services

Not every plan, program, or benefit is the same nor is the level of expertise the same among your board members or executives.  In-force plans are in constant need of compliance updates, due diligence reviews, board fiduciary checks, and auditor exams. Leverage over 100 years of combined expertise at the Stearns Financial Group to review your plan, redesign, recommend, educate, and implement changes.

457(f) or Split Dollar:

  • Troubled? Scrutinized?
  • Underwater or Underperforming?
  • Executive Termination causing a SERP headache?

We specialize in consulting & management of troubled 457(f) and Split Dollar plans. If your plan is being scrutinized, audited, examined, or an executive has terminated and your organization may have a negative financial impact we may be able to save your organization significant expenses when unwinding or reorganizing a plan.

Consulting and Risk Management

  • Board & Executive Education
  • Troubled plans and executive termination
  • Plan compliance & due diligence reviews
  • Benefit, incentive, and compensation analysis
  • Stress testing and scenario financial modeling
  • Plan redesign and financial optimization

Incorporated solutions:

  • Custom consulting arrangements
  • Independent expertise & research
  • Actionable & Deliverable driven results
  • Split Dollar Liquidation & Transfers

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